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Editorial for PAP Magazine



The series is about the end of the world, inspired by this year the COVID, Australia bushfire season, California mountain fire...etc. The pollution issue is getting more and more serious as humans focus on development and continue to care less about the environment. So the story behind the collection is about the world after 100 years. The world has become so damaged and polluted that the outdoors is no longer suitable for humans to live in. Therefore, humans need to stay in caves to survive. Due to the pollution, it has changed humans’ DNA, appearance and lifestyle.

Model @jas.freyfrey @pat.429
Photography @alexanderyeung_
Styling @joclxx
Assistant styling @amissaaaa
Makeup @kob0512 @mua.crush
Hair @kazif_cheung_hair
Lighting @whoiskris
Set Design @tsang.max

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