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It has been a great and wonderful experiences of working in KOTUR for over 2 years. It’s my first full time job after graduation. As I didn’t have much experience and knowledge about fashion and handbag design. Its an amazing journey in KOTUR, it provided a good environment to let me learn more about the traditional handbag craftsmanship, innovation thinking and techniques on handbags. Also to learn the luxury high fashion industry. It is my first journey to step into luxury high fashion world.

Upper photo from Fall 2016 Collection, handmade by India Bullion Embroidery.

Photographed by Alexander Yeung.


Mood Board


The upper two are printed satin. 

The black gun is 3D printed pattern on black leather.

The blue bag are made by snakeskin.

Pop-up Espey Clutch made by printed satin


Upper Taylor Clutch made by  perspex and mahjong pieces.

Upper 4 Clutches, Merrick & Levin made perspex


Upper two clutches made by cloisonne, 

Bottom left Merrick clutch made by perspex

Bottom right Levin Clutch made by Cloisonne

Merrick clutch made by cloisonne

Taylor Clutch made by printed and gold foiled wood

Upper two clutches made by perspex

Bottom left Levin clutch made by gold foiled wood

Bottom right Espey clutch made by machine embroidered straw with floral embellishment


Upper left Merrick clutch made by cloisonne

Upper right Bailey Clutch made by Embossed Leather

Bottom two clutches made by perspex

Espey Clutches made by handmade India Bullion Embroidery

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